Web Design

Technical construction is introduced in terms of the site’s template with the needs and identity of an organization to unveil the organization to it’s audience as a web-platform design.

The Process of activities on the Web

All projects in Tiyam Web are developed on the basis of specific and regular activities. attention and observance of the following items can largely determine the activities of Tiyam Web.

1. Initial research needs of the organization
2. Generate web structure strategy
3. Sitemap design
4. The basic design of the web platform
5. The basic design of graphic
6. Produce content
7. Website preview
8. Finalize the platform
9. Data entry
10. Initial launch of the website
11. Enter final information and setup the sos
12. Examining different input
13. Finalizing the website
14. Unveiling the final website.

In the not-so-distant past, a website was a space for unveiling or displaying a product or service, but today the website is the body of the organization.

Web Design

In planning and designing a website in the technical field of web design, Tiyam Web divides it’s implementation into two parts.

Core Components

The core of web serves as part of the foundation of a website that affects the addition or minimization of each component to the identity of the site. This part is main structure of the website. You can read the main definitions and professional applications by logging in to the main kernel page or clicking on the components of the core.

Additional Equipment Section

The features and tools of website are designed according to the client's initial request. The requests are added as modules to the site body called additional equipment section. You can read each section by going to side section and clicking on the titles of definitions and specialized uses
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