Nowadays winning organizations are leading the pace of data transfer...

Tiyam Web group has come up with a multi-faced approach to the organization with the most effective way to achieve the high-speed transfer of the concept of an organization to its audience through the usual design phases on the website, which many organizations are aware of only the elementary layers. According to rivals in a market, Tiyam Web company believes that one can not only make a website with attractive images or texts.

طراحی وب

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Economics and economic prosperity today are subject to unexpectedly rapid action and behaviors...
These behaviors were introduced in the not too distant past as creative moves that, over time and again, these movements were confronted with market behavior saturation, but in the present time various factors are calculated for the growth of an organization.
With over 10 years of experience in setting up an appropriate platform in the web structure for organization, Tiyam Web development company uses the factors of economic growth in organizations to synchronize web design using the following four combinations.

1- Strategy and integration of organization roadmap
2- Web design and web infrastructure design
3- Graphic design and image production
4- Run and lunch the web with data entry

These factors are displayed in Tiyam Web as a demonstration of an activity and the depth of meaning in each of these factors is requested as the most effective approach of a business in the organization.

Ask Tiyam Web for the entire web design path with the following methods

Strategy and Roadmap Integration

استراتژی و یکپارچه سازی نقشه راه سازمان
In this section, all the requirements and occasions that the requesting organization can make available to its audience is planned and developed.This section is the center and core of a site.At this stage in the first section,strategy, behavior, site tuning and design of the web visual concept are developed.

Web Design and Infrastructure

طراحی پلتفرم و زیرساخت وب
Designing and recognizing how the facilities and tools of a site, at the request of the customers, is a very sensitive part of the project.In this section, the experts, by analyzing and assessing the request of the client, examine all project communications and on the basis of that, consider the foundation and infrastructure for the main body of the web. This is considered a requirement in the route and map of the future of the website.

Graphic Design and Image Production

طراحی گرافیک و تولید تصویر
At this stage, any creation of the work is designed based on the basic concept and web strategy. This part of the design may be considered the most important stage of a website's vision, because the audience sees what it sees only in the first step of the elementary layers of the work, which the graphic part takes with consideration of the generated strategies and observing the effective meaning of image production.

Run and lunch the web with data entry

اجرا و راه‌اندازی وب به همراه ورود اطلاعات
In the final section, all of the content that was designed and developed along the way of editing, along with the observation of the textures of the text in the body of the web because, given these loading of the content and images, the searches and encoding of web searches played a significant role.
  • chrome
  • php
  • css
  • firefox
  • safari
  • git
  • java
  • cisco
  • vmware
  • code
  • html
  • payment
  • amd
  • my-sql
  • explorer
  • irnic
  • node
  • python
  • online-nic
  • host
  • joomla
  • pci
  • jquery
  • microsoft

Tiyam Web Company

Tiyam Web company has started its activity in the field of informatics services with the official license of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance since2009. The group has consistently aligned itself with the latest technological advances in the dynamic and continuous movement.
The activities of this collection are specialized in looking at the strategy of an organization and its processes a new form of expertise in the field of informatics services .These activities have been integrated with the executives policies of the group, which you can search in the sample of the projects of the huge companies that were introduced in the projects section.
This collection is proud to have a look at the web for organization with the newest organizational behavior.

Tiyam Web Mission

The structure and system in the main body of the website for organization with the attitude and approach of the speed of the transmission of the message and the data of that organization to its audience, including the mission of the web is considered.
مرکز سازه‌های چوبی گردو
طبیعت سبز میهن
صنایع غذایی نادی
مرکز سازه‌های چوبی گردو
برند نادی
برند شاپکا
مرکز سازه‌های چوبی گردو
موسسه حقوقی کریمی
مرکز سازه‌های چوبی گردو
پردیس میل
مرکز سازه‌های چوبی گردو
مرکز سازه‌های چوبی گردو
گروه چینش
پوشاک ملودی
A decade with Tiyam Web

Attention to Website Strategy

The technical construction of the site in the form of a site with the requirements of the organization and the identity of an organization to introduced the organization to its audience as web design platform introduced.

Attention to Website Strategy

Since reaching the goal requires a attention to website strategy roadmap, and paying attention to this is an integral part of implementation of the web based projects, it will always be important and effective to start the project. reaching the strategy , you can identify and plan for all the important points in order to achieve the design and website design and effective points in the development of.

All projects in Tiyam Web are developed on the basis of specific and regular activities. attention and observance of the following items can largely determine the activities of Tiyam Web.
1. Initial research needs of the organization
2. Generate web structure strategy
3. Sitemap design
4. The basic design of the web platform
5. The basic design of graphic
6. Produce content
7. Website preview
8. Finalize the platform
9. Data entry
10. Initial launch of the website
11. Enter final information and setup the sos
12. Examining different input
13. Finalizing the website
14. Unveiling the final website.
Tiyam Web

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