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The successive talks will make the parties behavioral qualities more practical. This will take as long as the negotiation process by holding some information and hiding it. today with the virtualization technology of the identity spaces of an organization, the expression or non-expression of any action in this space requires a specific strategy and objective that is being evaluated by the organization.

Consecutive negotiations and face-to-face negotiations were all elements to obtain the behavioral characteristics of the negotiating parties. This went so far that the negotiating team challenged part of the negotiation process by keeping some information and hiding it ...

Tiam Web specializes in how to put together the messages and concepts of an organization while maintaining the behavioral identity of that organization for its audience in the design of the web platform until the end of the display of your message with you. Tiam Web Group strives to synchronize the messages of an organization to provide the infrastructure of a website with the experience of companies that carry out specialized activities in the field of identity and image.

The Necessity of Web Strategy

In many cases the website is a part of an organization’s advertising if this is a mistake, because each website can design a separate advertising section for the website. Today, one of the first areas of communication with the organization can be called the website of the organization. The centralization of the units that are planning this department is called the main pillar of the organization’s transfer of identity.

Define Web Strategy

Web design is a design group that represents a multi-faceted presentation of the organization. In some cases, all species promote can emerge. on the website, the base of audience choice based on the timing or selection of each section of the site makes it possible to stay more in touch with the audience and this is one of the biggest benefits of this medium.

Web Production Resources

- The latest technology in IT behavior
- Animated images and creations
- Speed on data transfer low volume and brief message

گروه چینش

Chinesh Group

Over the past 20 years, managers and experts in chines based on thought and ideas that have been effective in the culture of society and have kept human riches in the products of the country, which at first glance merely fosters the management of space and industry.But the innovative look at the effectiveness of products with respect to high values is a prerequisite for the planning and strategy of this group. With a glance at the performance of the chines group in customer sector and the sample of their activities, companies, institutions and individuals cooperated with us, which at the same time was an exuberant and beautiful look, even in their initial orders.

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پردیس میل
مرکز سازه‌های چوبی گردو
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